APA Detroit Chapter

Payroll Professionals Helping Payroll Professionals

The APA  Detroit Chapter is affiliated with the American Payroll Association, but is an autonomous and independent organization.


President:  Renee Fsadni, CPP

Vice President:  Tamekia Smith, CPP,

Secretary:  Joanne Plante, BBA, FPC

Treasurer:  Howard Goldman, CPP

Government Liaison:  Sherell Jackson, CPP,

Chapter Coordinator:  Sue Sather, CPP

Past Presidents:  Tena Gibson, CPP; Mary Surko, CPP; Barbara Mattson, CPP; Jim Paille, CPP; Margie Bogle, CPP;

2017 Chapter Officers

Sue Sather, CPP, Chapter Coordinator; Sherell Jackson, CPP, Government Liaison; Renee Fsadni CPP, President; Howard Goldman, CPP, Treasurer; Tamekia Smith, CPP, Vice-President; Joanne Plante, BBA, FPC, Secretary.